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For the latest info about 200-hour or 500-hour teacher training, email yogawithkimzen@gmail.com

Shanti Yoga School and Inner Dance Yoga is pleased to offer:

Flow, Form and the Heart of Yoga
200-Hour Yoga Alliance Approved Teacher Training 2016

OPEN HOUSE FOR YOGA TEACHER TRAINING January 12, 2016 @ Inner Dance Yoga Studio 7:45PM

The 2013 Teacher Training Experience that brought Shanti Yoga School’s Kim Zehnder and Inner Dance Yoga Center’s Debbie Stirsman together was an unbelievable marriage of two unique yogis that provided students access to teachers with more than 35 years of combined teaching experience. Kim began her yoga practice at age 19 and has always been drawn to the philosophy of yoga, traveling to India in 2008 to spend time in an ashram in Rishikesh. Debbie has always been fascinated by the body/mind connection, and has spent most of her life exploring movement and the bio-mechanics of the body. These two passionate women fuse together their expertise in philosophy, anatomy, ayurveda, yoga therapy and business to create a truly exceptional training. Our fully comprehensive training will not just change your practice, it will change your life! Even if you’ve never thought about becoming a teacher, this program will provide  you with all the tools you need to help you deepen your practice and take your understanding of yoga to a whole new level. It’s an experience you won’t find anywhere else. 

It was such a great experience, it had to be done again and you won’t want to miss it!  See what former students are saying here!

* Shanti Yoga School is a Yoga Alliance registered school at the 200 and 500 hour level.


  • Explore the resources of transformation for yourself and others through attending Yoga Teacher Training
  • In our yoga teacher training you will:
  • Study Asana principles, detailed alignment and learn how to teach people not poses
  •  Explore in depth the benefits of Pranayama, meditation and deep relaxation
  •  Learn to attune to your energy and your body in a compassionate way and guide students in this experience
  •  Discover principles of  creative class design, including sequencing strategies, themes, as well as verbal articulation, observation and demonstration skills
  •  Be introduced to basic anatomy and physiology
  •  Learn about yoga philosophy, the chakras and healthy lifestyle practices
  •  Become better equipped to facilitate your personal transformation as well as becoming more confident in your individual approach to teaching yoga
  •  Learn to be  authentic and  creative and teach yoga from your heart to the heart of the student
  • Note: Please see the testimonials page on this site, to hear from Yoga Teacher Training graduates of Shanti Yoga School 200 or 500 hour programs.

    Yoga Teacher Training Cost, Schedule and Requirements:
    2299.00 *
    499.00 Deposit +
    monthly until paid in full.
    $2399.00 tuition

    * Pre-payment price

    2016 Dates: (subject to change)
    Feb 13 
    & 14
    Mar 19 & 20 
    Apr 23 & 24
    May 21 & 22
    Jun 25 & 26
    July 23 & 24
    Aug 20 & 21
    Sept 17 & 18
    Oct 22 & 23
    Nov 19 & 20
    Dec 17 & 18
    Jan 2017 TBA

    For additional requirements, book list and any questions about the training, please email Kim Zehnder: yogawithkimzen@gmail.com

RYS - Registered Yoga School with Yoga Alliance.

RYS 200 -  is a beginner's level Yoga Teacher Training. Upon successful completion, the student may register with Yoga Alliance as an RYT 200.

RYS 300 -  is a professional level Yoga Teacher Training. Upon successful completion, the teacher my register with Yoga Alliance as an RYT 500.

What if I'm not sure I want to teach Yoga; I just want to learn more about it?

While the term “Yoga Teacher Training”  and “200 hours”, or “500 hours”, does a good job of implying the depth of the training, it does nothing to describe what the majority of the people who have taken such a course would likely describe as its biggest benefit – namely, a life-changing course, that has impacted their lives in a on-going and positive way.

In her article, Why taking a yoga teacher training could be the best thing you do for yourself ever, the author, Jeanne Heileman explains further.

“It might be called a yoga teacher training, but really, it’s a course in learning how to work with your body and mind for the rest of your life.”

See more at: http://yoganonymous.com/why-taking-a-yoga-teacher-training-could-be-the-best-thing-you-do-for-yourself-ever

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