Yoga and Wellness with Kim Zen

Private Sessions

Private Yoga or Wellness Sessions

Choose from personalized Yoga classes, Wellness Coaching, Ayurvedic Life-style Coaching or a combination.

Yoga - a private class is a good place to start for someone who is just beginning the practice and would like some one-on-one instruction and support on an on-going basis or before taking public classes. A private class allows you to address specific physical issues or challenges and/or is a great way to cross-train and potentially improve your performance in other sports such as running, or golf.

Wellness Coaching - if you need help sticking to a plan, this is a great way to get and stay on track with your health and wellness goals. Wellness coaching can help you reach goals you are having trouble reaching on your own.

Ayurvedic Life-style Coaching - perhaps you've been practicing yoga for a while and you'd like to take your practice deeper and live a healthier life style from a yogic perspective.  Coaching can focus on general diet and lifestyle suggestions or address specific issues through a holistic approach to wellness.

Gift certificates and pricing for a single session or package of 4-private sessions is available by emailing:

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